Custom quilts and pillows for families 

Built in 2004 through the generosity of my parents, my quilt studio is my favorite place to be. There I meet with families to create a quilt or pillow in memory of someone they loved so deeply using the clothing of the person who has passed away or a quilt or pillow to celebrate a graduation, anniversary or birthday. Each request is special and I appreciate the trust families put in me to create something unique and personal they can cherish as a keepsake. Please go to my "CONTACT" page for details on pricing and how to order and my "TESTIMONIAL" page to read what the quilts and pillows mean to some of the families I have made them for.

Since 2001, I have been creating memory quilts and pillows for bereaved families in collaboration with Leslie Delp, founder of Olivia's House, A Grief and Loss Center for Children ( In 2016, I began collecting stories and photos from seventeen families who share their stories of loss and healing in my book "THE WORK OF MY HEART". I have been honored and privileged to make quilts and pillows for these families using pieces of clothing from their loved ones who have passed away. You may purchase the book directly from me for $20 plus $3 for postage. I have also put this book project on KICKSTARTER.COM to raise enough money to help with the printing of the book, give each of the 17 families an autographed copy at no charge, and donate copies to Olivia's House to share with families who attend programs there.  Check out the rewards on my page I would be honored if you would help me in this way.