Custom quilts and pillows for families 

Built in 2004 through the generosity of my parents, my quilt studio is my favorite place to be. There I meet with families to create a quilt or pillow in memory of someone they loved so deeply using the clothing of the person who has passed away or a quilt or pillow to celebrate a graduation, anniversary or birthday. Each request is special and I appreciate the trust families put in me to create something unique and personal they can cherish as a keepsake. Please go to my "CONTACT" page for details on pricing and how to order and my "TESTIMONIAL" page to read what the quilts and pillows mean to some of the families I have made them for.

This quilt was made for

a mother who lost her son

at a young age. Her family

planned on giving the quilt

to her at Christmas but

couldn't wait that long so they gave it to her on Thanksgiving.

This quilt was made for a man who lost his mother 4 years ago. His dad had it made as a Christmas gift for his son.